Free Microsoft Points

Free Microsoft Points 2014 – 2015: Learn how to get legit and valid codes. All are free. Check the specific instructions below:

How to get Free Microsoft Points with simple steps:

There are 3 simple steps that you can get microsoft points with valid codes.

Step 1: To get points, you should have valid and active account by joining the rewards site. Click Here for Rewards Site“ (COMPLETELY FREE – GUARANTEED). MAKE SURE THAT YOU SIGN UP WITH A VALID E-MAIL ADDRESS THAT YOU WILL HAVE TO CONFIRM LATER.

Step 2: After finish step 1, you need to fill in required information in profile section when accessing the rewards site. This is very important to get the points. Make sure you use real information. Otherwise, you cannot get the points.

Step 3: What you need to do is doing one of the following things: completing offers, or surveys, or playing games, or joining contests, etc…All are free. In addition, you can even earn money also, and get instant payment. After you complete one of the above things, you will have points or $$.What to do is use these points or money you earned from doing offers EXCHANGE for microsoft points or other codes. That’s it!

Once you get your free microsoft points, you can continue to earn points for other things! So get started today and enjoy your free microsoft points!

Let’s get Free Microsoft Points, Free 1600 Microsoft Points, Free 2100 Microsoft Points, Free 4000 Microsoft Points and more…

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